"Is and invalid Job ID" Job Registration AX 2012

Hi everybody, I am having a problem in the Production control module and was wondering if any of you would have any ideas. When I use a personnel number to login and start a job registration I get the error ’is an invalid job ID’. I cannot seem to find the right configuration in the Human Resources and Production Control Modules to clear this error or to be able to clock in do a job registration. Any Ideas? Go to Production Control->Periodic-> Manufacturing Execution-> and click Job Registration, select a resource in the ‘select resource and action’ window and click the ‘Open production unit’ button, enter a personnel number and login.

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I had a similar problem after creating a new company in AX 2009 and it turned out that I didn’t have any data in the JMGIPCACTIVITY table for that company. After running the Configuration wizard in Shop Floor Control > Setup > Wizards, my problem was cleared up. The configuration wizard populates the JMGIPCACTIVITY table with the default data.


i have the same issue with AX 2012 and the JMGIPCACTIVITY table already has data, did u find a solution for this error?

my problem was fixed after i checked the flag of enable registration in Indirect activities setup:

Create an indirect activity

  1. Click Human resources > Setup > Time and attendance > Indirect activities.

  2. Press CTRL+N, or click New on the toolbar.


    If a relevant category already exists, select that category, and see step 5.

  3. Fill out the Category and Description fields.

  4. In the Reg. type list, select the relevant registration type.

  5. Click Activities.

  6. Press CTRL+N to create a new activity.

  7. Insert a name or identification of the indirect activity in the Activity field.

  8. Insert a description of the activity in the Description field.

  9. On the General tab, select the Registration check box only if workers are to make registrations on the indirect activity.