is active directory mandatory for navision client/server installation


I use Navision 4.0 with native database. I would know if I can make a client/server installation without active directory. Somebody tell me to modify host and services files on the server and client PC? Please how can I do it?


Look at installation CD /Docs directory.

There is w1w1ism.pdf - Inst & Setup Guide.

Active directory is not required to install Navision.

required when you want to create window logging into the server database

Hmm what makes you think that? I do this regularly with no problems.

most people think that just because you cannot lookup, it means you cannot type a windows user manually. It’s a silly mistake, and the error that NAV gives should say cannot connect to Active directory please enter the name manually.

I never thought of that. Actually I never use look up, just type the full name, so never thought of it as an issue. Good way to sell AD though I guess.

Sorry for the post. Unfortunately I have done the mistak by this post. I fully agree with Rashed.

Regularly I create window logging manualy with no prob.

Recently I have faced a prob when my RTC try to conect the SERVER db. The reason behiind this issue is AD. But Now without AD I’m able to connect the SERVER db by RTC.


Hi, how about in NAV 2013? is it possible to deploy it without active directory?