Is 3.60 supported on Win 98

I know that Navision 3.60 runs on Windows 98, but is this actually supported by Microsoft? Does anyone have an official statement?

I heard the official statement is that Navision is supported up from win 98 second edition…

I heard that it was second edition but requires SP 4, so I was really asking if anyone has an official statement. In any case, thanks for the info[;)]. PS: I also know that you can get 3.60 to run on Win 95, but you need a box of DLLs, a screwdriver, a set of long nose pliars and a #12 widget driver. But I haven’t had much luck with that [:D].

From the Navision Partner Site (US - Document 16676) Operating System - Microsoft Windows 98, Second Edition - Microsoft Windows NT (Intel) version 4.0, SP6a, Workstation or Server - Microsoft Windows 2000 - Microsoft Windows XP They include the SP level for NT, but not 98 leaving me to believe that it should run on 2nd Edition without any patches. In real life, I can say that I have never had any luck with 98, 2nd Edition. I didn’t check the SP level, as I didn’t think it was applicable.