Invoicing Sales Order with Selected Lines


I would really appreciate urgent assistance on this issue. I have a scenario where I need to invoice sales orders (includes single order invoicing as well as consolidated invoicing) with selected sales lines. We have sales orders that can consist on 3 types of sales lines 1. MainLine 2. Component Line and 3.datalines

For performance reasons we don’t want to post (process) data lines to custinvoicetrans tables . My question is where (class,method) do I put a check to stop data lines from getting posted to custinvoicetrans table…Ideal solution would be stop them getting posted to parmtables , this way we get maximum gain.

After spending some time on this … I know that the method that creates parm data is salesformletterParmdata.ChooseLinesServer. But there is nothing there that I can use to figure out which line is being processed at a particular times.

PS I have already looked into following methods and none of them get invoked when I run invoicing …so please if you know



SalesParmtLinesTable …all the init methods