Invoices Not Showing in Invoice Approval Journal

Hi Guys,

I am having a bit of a strange issue. A report in Axapta is showing invoices awaiting apporval, fetching the vouchers in the invoice approval journal is bringing nothing!

When I run a report to see Invoices Not Approved from Purchase Ledger / Accounts Payable > Reports > Status > Invoices not approved = I see a number of invoices not approved

However when I go to Purchase Ledger / Accounts Payable > Journals > Invoices > Invoice approval jounral > New Line / Journal > Lines > Fetch Vouchers = I am unable to see the invoices there which come up on the report.

There must be a tick box or something in the Invoice Pool that needs to be ticked? Any ideas? Im on AX 3 SP4


In the invoice register you need to approve and then post them, then they will be visible in the fetch vouchers screen

Hi Adam

Sorry I forgot to mention that they have already gone through the invoice register process.



Any modifications?

I suggest you go into a test company, load one and process it through the invoice register process - if it works then there is an issue with the invoices you have an you would need to investigate these further.

Hi Adam

No modifications. Its almost like the invoice is not in the invoice pool i.e. there is a tick box or somehting preventing it from bieng “fetched”? Its gone through the invoice register process.


As far as I am aware the moment you approve and post they are ready to be fetched, this has been the same through several versions, looks like with your case though there is a way around it or an issue with the data - have you asked your partner?

We have had this issue before too… but most of the time its because they (invoices) are already sat in an Approval journal that someone has left meaning they cannot be pulled through on a second approval journal.

There was a time we lost some invoices, somehow, and our partner had to run a script to get them back. I have no clue where they went but I hope this helps as it can happen. I must add we use AX 3 but it is heavily modified.