invoiced quantity

Hi ,

please can you help me to understand those fields in the item ledger

when i am doing production order and change it to finished production order…

if the iinvoiced qty is not filled yet … in the output journal in the itemledger entry … what does mean ?

if the open field in the item ledger entry for that output journal is not clicked in this case what does this mean

Now if i have sales order and posted as invoiced .

if the open filed is not clicked what does this mean… what does this mean ?

thank you … hoping to have a n\answer soon

Invoiced, if unselected, means there are still component parts where the actual cost is not known.

If the field is open the line still has elements in inventory, so it has not been sold/used.

On an invoiced line the open field means it has not been paid.

Not looking at the software or asking where you are looking at the fields, but let me know if these are wrong.

thanks for reply

yes adam , you are right , i am not looking at the fields, but i am facing a problem in those fields ,

we are having production order X that it’s posted and finished , but still the invoiced quantity in the item ledger entry for the ourput entry type for this production order X is not filled , and still open is clicked even those quantity are sold.

and when i am doing revaluation to this item ledger enter of that output entry type … displaying me that still completey invoiced must be yes iin item ledger no XXXXXXXX …

hoping i explained well , thanks again adamroue for you help .

1 Sub-asemblies, consumed in the production order have not bee completed


2 Purchases parts, consumed in the production order have been received BUT the invoice has not been posted.

In either of these instances the actual costs have not been posted so the actual cost of the finished production order cannot be posted into the General Ledger.

What version are you using? In version 4.0SP1 there’s a bug that does not fill in invoiced quantity for invoiced production orders if no components are consumed.

This problem is address in 4.0 SP3.

Hi all ,

thank you all for your help .

i am having navision 4 SP1 , but all the components are consumed .

it 's not fill the actual cost …I don’t know why ? it’s filling espected cost ? that’s why it’s not filling in invoiced qty .

All the materials are purchased as invoiced and consumed as invoiced .

Starting doing this with all items in output entry type and not more filling in invoiced qty .

thank you again … hoping that somebody could help

Did you run the adjust cost process?

thank you Alex

yes you are right Alex , after running the adjust cost batch , everything was fixed

thank you , experience will learn me a lot as well experts like you .

thank you again … solved