% invoiced in a job

hello all,

If I want to create an invoice from a job but I want to set up a % to invoice from all tasks specified, how can I do it?.

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Witch version are you using?

hi Nuno,

I`m using the NAV 5.0.

In version 5 of Navision it will be difficult to do exactly that. Since you will be invoicing by job planning lines you can’t invoice an exact % of job. You must create an invoice rounded to nearest planning line. You could manually calculate job planning lines or create some kind customization to get that result.

Hi Nuno,

thanks for the answer. Could I do it if I`m using the 5.1?

Nuno… then… why job lines has a “% Invoiced” field?

I think so, but I never I had the time to test it.

It’s related to WIP.

From help.

This field displays the invoiced percentage for the job task calculated by the Job Calculate WIP batch job. It is the ratio of the Contract (Invoiced Price) to the Contract (Total Price) for the task.

The field is filled in by the Job Calculate WIP batch job.