Hi, Is there a option to collect different sales orders fron one same customer on one invoice for billing?. Regards, Wim

You have “Summary update” functionality: 1. Setup it in Accounts receivable/Parameters/Summary update. 2. In posting invoice use Other/Summary update for. 3. You will see your Sales orders in Owerview.

Hi, Have a look under Periodic → Sales Update → Invoice functionliaty. 1. Once there, go to the other tab and select Invoice Account 2. Now press Select button and specify the Invoice account Regards, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Wim, I saw your question again at another forum, so I guess you didn’t find the solution yet? 1. Open custtable 2. click button Setup (instellen) 3. choose summary update (overzicht bijwerken) 4. setup for invoice (factuur aanvinken) This should work Regards, Johan

Johan, Bedoel je Klanten Instellen Parameter Overzicht Bijwerken Standaard waarden voor bijwerking = order Regards, Wim