Invoice with pre-payment & scheduled payment.

Hi, Been trying to work these out in standard navision for a client. Hope someone can help to work this out. Customer Order - Items which will need to be produced through manufacturing and will be delivered in 2 shipment (15 days later and 30 days later). 10% Deposit/Advance Payment/Upon confirmation of order. 20% Payment after 10 days 30% Upon 1st shipment delivery 30% Upon 2nd shipment delivery 10% Remaining payment 30 days after 2nd delivery. Currently unable to work-out how the sales order going to be invoiced this way. Thanks

Ideally, look at the Jobs granule first. If it does not work for you, you can phase the order with multiple lines.

We are facing a similar situation with one of our customers, the main problem is that one invoice always relates to one entry in the Customer Ledger, which will affect all your reports and aging reports. If this is an important issue then you’d need to create shipments as they actually occur, and invoice following the proposed scenario, which might be a bit difficult to trace and realize because of the prepayments, that you need to deduct in later invoices… In the end, there is no easy solution to solve this issue. Saludos Nils