Invoice Update in Purhcase Order

Dear All
In the purchase order posting during the Invoice update we have the option of updating invoice for partial quantities in the standard edition of axapta, but in the indina localised version the partial qty invoice updation is restricted.
Can anyone please tell the reason why this has been restricted, is there any specific functional reason
Thanks in Advance

Albert J Johnson

Are you sure that this is due to the different localization? Maybe it’s solved by modifying some parameters? I can’t tell for sure, but I think it is changed in the PurchParameters on the second tab - you can allow half-full and overloaded invoices (this is just a rough translation from Russian - and I guess in Indian it sounds even more different, but that’s the way to dig into) Good luck/ Also, you might try asking on the Indian Forum, they will know better of this issue.

Hi Albert,

I am not sure what you mean when you say “partial quty invoice updatation is restricted”. But you should be able to partial invoice a PO by changing the quantity field under Posting invoice form → Lines tab.