invoice total (sales and payables)

i’ve had more clients then i can count ask for invoice totals to be placed on the invoice form in both payables and sales invoice form. seems that my clients find using the f9 key very odd. has anyone added totals to invoice screen? any suggestions?

Hi, Just simulate the F9 key functionality and put the same on the Invoice form. Thanks Best regards Suresh. New York

even easier, simply place both “Amount” and “Amount incl VAT” fields on the sales and purchases forms, these two are flowfields that sum up the respective amounts from the sales lines. Saludos Nils

Nils method works great. This is what we have been using for a while. We placed the Amount Flowfield on the header and when we release (Ctrl-F11) it calculates the total.

It seems the amount field doesn’t work for us on a sales header. I understand it should update the net amounts of all lines - but only seems to update after some part of the document has been posted, and doesn’t dynamically update as qty or amount on the lines changes. Am I missing something?

You might need to “refresh” the sales header, as the field is a flowfield it only gets updated when you activate the sales header (simply click on any part of the header)… that should work. The problem is that changes in the subform don’t affect automatically the header form. You’d need to put a CurrForm.Update in the OnTimer trigger to assure that the header form gets updated. Saludos Nils

Hi, IF you are using Attain Field Amount and Amount Including VAT will be updated only if you release the Document (Order Status = Release). To release the Document you can run Function - Release / Ctrl + F11 or posted some of the lines or you can call codeunit 414 (release sales Document). IF you released the document you can’t change some of information on the lines like Quantity, Unit Price, etc.

I have the amount field in my header and have it updating when focus goes back to the header. that’s nice. however, i’d like it to update whenever i add another line item. it seems as if this is not possible based on some of the research i’ve done. anyone ever find a way to do this?

It is possible, but basically requires writing a total function and calling it on the appropriate triggers…A task which is much tougher if you are using taxes :wink: Tough, but not impossible.

Try this: Make a flowfield “total line amount” in the table sales line. The computing rules are same as in the Sales Header table, but you sum the “line amount” field. Change the design of the sales order line subform (46) that way, that the TableBox objet is smaller then the form itself. You gain a free place on the botom, where you can place a TextBox with source expersion “total line amount”. To ensure the calculation of that field, put that field also as a last column in the TableBox. (Don’t forget the glue) Now the “Total” field looks like it is on the main form, but is realy on the subform and is updated each time the record on subform is updated. Known problems: 1.if the user is creating a new line, the total field shows 0. (because of delayed insert); 2. the “total line amount” can be different from the number calculated in F9 and posting, the differencie is in VAT rounding.

Jozef Kiss, Works perfect. Thank You.

Put the flow field on the header (“My Total Amount”), since it looks better. Then in the OnTimer trigger, add the code Calcfields(“My Total Amount”); DO NOT add a CURRFORM.UPDATE as it will mess everything up.