Invoice test report - why not the same layout as final document


Very newbie question, but why is the test report for sales invoices to ugly? Why cannot it look like the final (posted) sales invoice? Will this be fixed in future releases in NAV?


Sales Test Report program checks whether there are any posting dates missing, whether there is anything to post, and so on and will show warnings in the report.

Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused, so let me rephrase my question: I want to see how the posted sales invoice will look before I post it. How do I do that?

There I was really to the point, in order not to take the focus off the question I am writing this a bit further down. The bigger problem is that it seems like you cannot view how the final document will look before you post it. This sometimes causes errors and this functionality seems very basic. I need my partner to solve this for me but they seem hesitant, what’s the big whoop?


Navision test report is only for showing warning ,calculation of value and it is not exactly as per customized invoice report.

Now as per your requirement you want to see the final document prior posting of Invoice then you need to customize the same.