invoice rounding account

I am getting the following error when printing out an order You must specify invoice rounding account in vendor posting group code=‘VEND’ The same vendor posting group is used for all our vendors The currency card of the currency the vendor sells in as all the details in regards to loss / gain relaization account Will greatly help if you could direct me on this. Hope this is the right formum

Go to Purchase & payables, Setup, Vendor posting groups. You can fill in the required code here.

Well I did go through the Vendor posting groups and actually there is no account mentioned for it. Even if I had a account still the same error

Did You notice that the column for Invoice rounding account is hidden by default? /Lars

The issue is with this particular Order which is stuck, but the rest of the PO uses the same Vendor posting group and is fine Will check LARS detail and report back

Yes, I found the account, but it was strange that it worked for the rest of the vendors and not that particular guy Thanks