Invoice report

Is there a report to show the

-posting date
-document #
-and purchase order #

for a specific GL account where the system accrues for purchases received on purchase orders in a certain period but not invoiced for yet

I have seen report 10101 but I do not fully understand this report

Thanks in advance

I found this video that helped explain this report…

one question i have is how can i run that report for a specific date in time… lets say august 31

You can use Job Scheduler/Job Queue to run the report on Specific time. This requires NAS.

I mean run the report today, but enter a date that i want to run it for as being in the past, not run on a schedule.

How can i use the GL posing date as a filter on this report.

Use Request form and then put Gl Posting Date in variable and then filter in report.

I cant seem to find much information on how to program the request form…

@ the video 1:26 , he said you can filter anything on PO lines. so you can actually filter Posting Date right there. No programming needed.

I suspect your report will be written with

DataItem - G/L Account > G/L Entry > Purchase Receipt > Purchase Header or

DataItem - G/L Account > G/L Entry > Item Ledger Entry

Pick a Request Filter under DataItem - G/L Entry Properties. It should solve your problem without too many troubles.

And If that wasn’t enough… [;)] ask Vendor for help.