Invoice Report

Hi all, two quick questions about customizing the invoice print out. 1) We occasionally need to put the customer PO# on our invoice reports. It was working during testing when we would put it in as the External Document No. I’ve tried sticking this in several different fields but still haven’t gotten it to display on the invoice report now that we’re live. 2) I’d like to attach our company logo onto the invoice report. I can load the image into the General Ledger->Setup->Company Information but can’t get it displayed on the invoice. I understand these are probably fairly basic questions but our regular Navision person is unavailable. Thanks in advance.

Arthur, 1) About the external document no. It’s really hard to know why something it’s not working without having all the information on it… but basically if you’re wanting to show the field External Document No., on the invoice form (if you’re using the standard one) you’ve to set the value of the property “SourceExpr” on the field you’re going to put on the report as “Sales Invoice Header”.“External Document No.”, as the invoice report is using on the different header sections are the integer ones used for the page loop and copies. 2) For showing the company logo, define a company information variable (example compinf type = record subtype = company information) and create a picture box on your report where the source expression is compinf.“picture” ). Then on your code on the OnAfterGetRecord trigger on the sales invoice header dataitem, just put the following code: CLEAR (Compinf); CompInf.GET; CompInf.CALCFIELDS(Picture); Regards if you need more help on the first thing you can send me an e-mail i’ll help you on that [;)],