Invoice remainder doesnot update after posting of Packing Slip


In a PO with line 1 Qty 20, received Qty 10, recevied invoice for 10 and posted the invoice. after a few days received the remaining qty 10, but when posted the packing slip, invoice remainder shows 0.

invoiced is 10, Invoice remainder is 0, received 20 and delivery remainder is 0.

I checked the transactions for the PO line, the physical date of 2nd packing slip is normal, but the financial date is the date the 1st invoice was posted, which means both packing slips ahave same financial date. what possibly could have happened and how can i reverse it?

Thank you.


can anyone guide me with the above issue?

Without looking at the data probably not.

I have never seen this happen, but it does not mean it cannot in given circumstances. What happens if you try and invoice the packing slip? Have you contacted your partner? Can you reproduct the error? Are there any modifications?

I have solved the issue by posting a negative qty of 10 in packing slip and posting the postive qty of 10 again. this updated the invoice remainder to 10, but i dont understand why the second packing slip picked up the first invoice (is it what happened?)

No that cannot be what happened, because even if it did the first receipt would have left an invoice of 10 remainder. It must be something in the way it was processed.