Invoice process setup

Hello everyone,

  1. Our Invoicing batch process is set up so that orders that have a status of “delivered” EOB are invoiced that night. We would like to have that set up so that invoicing is delayed until the following night, i.e. delivered on 1/21 will be invoiced the night of 1/23. This is for AX 2012 R3.

  2. How do I Set up for interest to accrue in system (AX 2012 R3) on customer account for late payment of trade receivables.

I appreciate all your help.



Hello Tony,

can give one input but not sure if this is what exactly you want,

you can schedule invoice batch from

DSB/Accounts receivable/Periodic/Sales update/Invoice by selecting late selection

in the criteria you can select your date as range and pass the value like day(-2) which will consider all the orders which has date till day before yesterday (condier records till 21 date when it will run on 23)