Invoice Posting

Why system read different PO number for invoice posting?

Invoices have different legal identifiers relating to the original purchase order - this is common to allow part invoicing against part delivery. It should create no issues.

But when i look into the table VendInvoiceJour there is no record for the particular purchase order id. Same goes to VendInvoiceTrans table.

I was trying to post invoice for a purchase order. But unable to post. When i look into the invoice history form, there are many ‘pending’ records exist. Is this can cause problem for the invoice posting?

Depends upon the error, but you should review and process the pending invoices.

I did debug the run method for the posting invoice then i found the rec id for the purchparmupdate table was different. Is that wrong?

I would need that translated into a functional error I am afraid. I would remove all non-necessary pending invoices.

Thats what i also was trying to do. But unable to remove. I tried to delete the record in the invoice history and matching details form. But the record still exist when i reopen the form. So i tried to delete in the related tables in the AOT. I face an error message.

"cannot execute the required database operation. The SQL databse has issue an

Not only that i tried to delete in the vendor invoices> pending vendor invoices too. And I face the same error message.

I found alternative way to delete the records by deleting directly in the sql tables.

One quick fire way to make your issue 10x worse - did you delete the entries from the related tables as well?

Ohhh…really?? I don’t know that :frowning:
yerp…i did…

I dont see any pending invoices now in the forms. but i still unable to post the invoice. I have no idea how to solve this problem…

Well now you have deleted data through the back door and probably left relational tables populated you are stuffed. You need to get someone like your partner to come in and resolve the issue now.

Alright Adam…i will…thanks for the advice…