Invoice posting Total Discount account number mapping error

Dear all

I configured total discount against item group, calculation and upto packing slip no errors, but at the time of posting the invoice the following error displayed

Error :

Account number for transaction type customer invoice discount does not exist.

give me the solution.



Customer Group - Setup - Discount (this is probably the account you would need to set it and see).


Thank you for your quick reply

i tried but same error while posting invoice

setup details screen shot attached



And that is the customer group for the customer you are invoicing?

Do you have a system account configured for customer invoice discount?


Now working fine, thank you very much



Hai Sara,

can u explain to me, how u solved this error? Because i encountered the same error here



Create one ledger account in chart of account at General ledger module and assign this account at Item group > Sales (tab) > Discount field.


1. Item Level Setting

Check the Total Discount Check box - Enable the Total Discount check box (Item Details → price/discount tab )

2. Ledger Account Setting

Go to General Ledger Module → to set the system account for Total Discount Ledger (General Ledger - > Setup → Posting → System accounts - to select the Customer invoice discount Posting type and map the relevant Ledger Account.

3.Total Discount % Define

Go to Account Receivable Module → Setup → Price/Discount → Customer Price/Discount groups → To select the Total Disc Group - Create the line for Tot Disc - > Click the Trade Agreement - > Select the Total Discount - > set the total disc %

Now you check the Total discount for Sales Invoice.



Dear Sara,

Thanks a lot for your response :slight_smile:

I realized this issue caused by setting on modul General ledger - Posting - Account for automatic transaction - entry customer invoice discount


i am facing issue in Purchase Order i attach total discount on PO. but this should be only for information and i dont want any impact on GL. how can i setup.

Thanks for valuable information about Dynamics.

Please all of you keep posting so we can learn a lot.

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