Invoice posting of Sales Order for Service items

We have imported following hot fixes on Axapta 3.0


  2. AX30_SP5_CDCR_E-cessOnTDS

  3. AX30_SP5_CDCR_StatementOfTDSAndTCS

  4. INDSP5HF01

We were able to post (Invoice update) a Sales order for Items of type Service before importing the above hotfixes. After importing these hotfixes we are unable to Invoice the Sales order for items type Service. We are getting the following error message:

Voucher ‘TEST000036’, date ‘08/03/2006’, account ‘9001’, amount currency ‘100.00’, amount MST ‘100.00’, alternative amount ‘0.00’, currency ‘INR’, text ‘’

The transactions on voucher ‘TEST000036’ do not
balance as per ‘08/03/2006’. (Company currency:
100.00 - secondary currency: 0.00)

Posting has been canceled.

Help Please !!!