invoice posting error


when i am posting a approved invoice the below error message coming.

Please help me any one;

thanks in advance.


ram prasad

Hi Tarak,

The reason for below error is that debit and credit amount is not in balance. Please ensure it should be same.

Also refer below URL

Hi Tarak

Voucher imbalance error arise where debit credit totals are not equal to post

  1. As Jagannath said rounding is one reason, please verify currency rounding in GL parameters.

  2. In the given screen shot, 2889.17 credit posting has an account, but it seems debit posting account is missing. verify the ledger posting setup.

Hi jagannath,

please explain briefly. i am new in ax . i am not understanding

i am assigned the chart of account also. after that same error coming.

please help me this.


Rama prasad