Invoice has been billed with the wrong amount


Please suggest on correcting the invoice that has been billed with the wrong amount.


Goto Customer/vendor master> click transactions find the transaction and click “Reverse” button.

If that invoice is been posted from PO/SO, you need to post a reversal through Invoice journal/General Journal.


You can also use the functionality of ‘Credit Note’.

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Parashar Banerjee.

Invoice has been registered in the Invoice Register, payment journal created and paid off.

Now, there is a need to rectify the amount in the invoice (which is already posted through Invoice Register) and re-create the payment journal.

Please suggest.

So just to clarify this is an invoice from a supplier that has gone through the approval process on the register and has been paid in full? If the amount is wrong what is the process the supplier wants to adopt considering you have already paid? Are they issuing you a credit?


Create a SO/PO with the same details which you had made before. Now Go to Sales order Line/ Purchase Order Line button > Credit note. Now Credit note list will open with all the SOs/POs which has already been invoiced. Select the particular entry and adjust the payment which you have made before.

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Parashar Banerjee.

I think if the invoice is paid full, still i would suggest unsettle the paid invoice and reverse the Invoice.

-Now,post the invoice with correct amount

-Seetle with the payment that you have made

-The remaining balance in the payment can be considered as advance payment (communicate the same to supplier).

Ex: Lets say you’ve posted invoice $100 and posted payment $100. Settled both. Later realized that invoice must have been posted for $90


Vendors>Closed transaction editing> select the Invoice that is settled and unsettle it

Vendors>Transactions> Find the invoice and reverse it

Post a new Invoice for $90

Now, settle this new Invoice with payment $100. You will see the balance as $10 against the payment which you can use it for the next invoice you get from your supplier.

Hi Adam,

Lets explain again -

Invoice has been registered in the ‘invoice register’ say for £100

Payment Journal created + Settlement done + Payment Generated…All Good!

Now the user (who manages invoice register), they have realised to have entered the wrong amount against the invoice received from the vendor (basically, billed the POs with a wrong amount)

Now, how about the user (person who manages the invoice register as above) can go about correcting the amount he raised and posted in the “invoice register”, subsequently he created and posted the payment journal.

Please advice

But it is not just a correction. You need to physically get the money back from the vendor as well. How are you doing this? If you have not physically paid it say the BACS was not transmitted then do a reversing payment journal manually, unhappy the wrong payment, match the reverse to the wrong, then credit the invoice and then enter and the invoice again and process correctly.