Invoice Discount after calculating TAX

I am new to Axapta. I want to know how to give discount on “Net Amount” or “TAX included Amount” in AX?
The scenerio is as follows:

Amount excluding TAX = 1000
TAX Amount = 40
Net Amount = 1040

I want to know how to give discount on “Net Amount”(i.e. 1040) ? Is it possible in Base Product (Axapta)or I have to develop it?

It is possible in Base NAV.

Please reply…


It has been a while - tell me the concept in NAV and how to set it up please (menu options etc).

Thanks for ur quick reply.In any Document (SO or PO) press F9 key to see the Statistics Form. There is a field in this form called “Inv. Discount Amount” to give the discount. This discount amount is calculated on “net-amount” or on “TAX calculated amount”. I am using NAV2009SP1IN.

The discount wil be calculated on Lineamount…

The lineamount will not have tax amount in it…

You have not told me how as standard you apply a line discount to include TAX. Pressing statistics this will not be an OR. It must be a setup if possible - so tell me how I can set NAV up to apply the discount on the Gross price on the line, without of course using prices incluce TAX.