Invoice date

Hello, What table have the invoice date stored in it ?


There are Inovoice Dates for Sales and for Purchases (and possibly other modules) and they are stored in different tables even within thier own modules. Can you please explain what you are trying to accomplish so we can better answer your question?

I want the sales invoice date .thanks

See Table 112 - Sales Invoice Header

Just to expand a little on Mohana’s response. It is the [Posting Date] in the [Sales Invoice Header].

Sales Invoice Header Table.

As stated above - an invoice can have several different dates.

-Posting Date
-Document Date
-Order Date
-Shipment Date

Invoice date is not one of them - so you must be refering to one of the date fields above.

Note: As well as the invoice header you can also find dates for these doc’s in the customer ledger entry table too.

In general when non Navision people say “Invoice Date” it most often relates to Document Date in Navision. Sometimes Posting date.