Invoice/Credit Memo Mailing address

I recently had an invoice returned because the post office’s scanning equipment did not pick up the zip code - I’m assuming it’s because there’s a dash between the state code and the zip code.

How can I remove it?

I’ll assume US…

we send thousands of letters with the dash in it without problems. I find it hard to believe the post office can’t figure it out when they are the ones that implimented the extra 4 digits to speed up sorting.

if I take zip 10015-4637 and remove the dash 100154637 - I think that has a better chance of coming back.

Does the returned letter actually give you an explanation of why it came back?

Thanks for the response!

On the bottom of the envelope, the post office’s scanning equipment added our remit to zip+4 - which would have been the one it picked up scanning from the bottom IF it ignored the zip in the mailing address.

I believe the problem is because there is no SPACE between the state code and the zip - there is a DASH.

Do you know who I can remove the dash?

I see you poasted your question again in the NAV forum. But where is the dash coming from? Is it entered in the data itself? or is the report adding it in?

General ledger setup has a local address setting - make sure that’s ok. Are you only getting this dash on credits or is it on invoices too?

Sorry I didn’t make my problem clear.

We use window envelopes to mail our customer’s invoices and credit memos. The last line of both contain the customer’s city, state and zip - an example Detroit, MI-41111 - - The dash (as well as the comma after the city) is inserted by the Navision software.

I assume the General Ledger address setting you mentioned is our address - couldn’t find any other option under General Ledger.

Thanks for your input!

Mine doesn’t do that - perhaps it was changed. View the fields on the report & remove the dash.

My City State Zip for example is:

“Sales Cr.Memo Header”.City+’, ‘+“Sales Cr.Memo Header”.State+’ '+“Sales Cr.Memo Header”.“ZIP Code”

I don’t if your’s has been changed from Arrays to something like mine but if so it might contain a dash somewhere that simply should be a space instead

Hi Katie

Are you still looking for info on your addresses setup?

If you use Axapta, what I assume regarding the place the topic is posted:

The way the addresses are displayed is defined under Basic module–> Setup menu–> Addresse menu–> Address format: there you can specify how you want your address to be displayed in the system. If you mailing system after that just use Axapta addresses, it should be OK.