Invoice closing

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to close an invoice without paying it?

I want the invoice to disappear from the open list without having to pay it or cancel it!!!


There is no way, you can close invoice without paying or reverse(credit note).

You must either pay the invoice or post a credit note for the same invoice.

Hope this helps.

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Why do you want it to disappear? If you have offered this to the customer at zero you could financially credit the transaction and close it. If you want it to temporarily hide then put it on hold. The issue here is raising invoices and then making them disappear - auditors will shudder at requests like this which is why it is not possible (along with the fact there are very few/no justifiable reasons to to it)


First thank you for your answer!

I want to disappear because at this stage transaction are transferred from AX to another system and i dont want it to stay open in AX.

What i thought i can do is create a journal to pass the reverse transactions then sum alla the amounts in a clearing account and settle the invoices with the transactions in this journal so this would close the open invoices and keep a trace of stock movement and customer balance!

What do you think of this?

If the other system pays them, for whatever reason, then it would be best to update the payment information back into AX and apply the transactions. In this manner AX also mirrors the nature and credit limits etc will function correctly.

If you really want to close it generate teh payment at the point of invoice, sure this is possible as standard through the method of payment config - auto closes it then, but then this depends upon your export routine.


Are you using AX for your financial system? If yes than what Adam has suggested is correct otherwise that will be a serious audit issue.

If AX is not your financial system, you can do whatever you want for reversal.


AX is not the financial system for now but it will be in a year or a little bit more!

Then use it as though it is to get the practices in place and the required updates ahead of the requirement.

Now it’s still not possible to get the update back from the other system.

I must close the operations in AX without expecting any data from the other system.

Then look at the auto-cash receipt on invoice approach. Auto-closes it on invoice.

Thank you for the info!

Can you please indicate me a document on how to set it up?

Quite simple, create a method of payment, set the posting account type to be to a ledger (traditionally a bank) and the offset of the debtors (be careful what you do with any Tax). Then on the file format tab there is an invoice update, tick automatic posting and define a payment journal name. Attach this method of payment to the sales order. Invoice the sales order and it is closed with a balancing payment. Look in the Finance manuals for more information.

Thank you for your Help!

Do i use use the same process for payables too?

Never tried it to be honest, not a usual process, no reason it should not work however - try it [:D]