Invoice cancelation (reverse transaction)

Hello forum,

I have a question concerning the cancelation of invoices or as it is described in NAV ‘reverse transaction’. I wonder if there is any way of canceling posted invoices (as a whole). I am aware that Navision allows to reverse only transactions posted by journals. But why isn’t there any way of cancelation of whole invoices so that Navsion reverses every line of my invoice with an negative amount and markes the invoice as ‘canceled’. Afterwards I would again post the invoice with a new invoice number and the correct amounts.

Perhaps the whole ‘reverse transaction’ issue is because a bad localization job local partners of microsoft in Croatia did. Don’t know?! Perhaps in other countries it is not allowed to cancel invoices?!

I appreciate every kind of help or useful advice. Tnx in advance.



Can’t you use a Credit Memo ?

Nope. In other countries (i. e. Italy) you can’t even cancel the invoices posted throuth journals! [:D]

The problem with the whole invoices are Value Entry I suppose. They are such a mess as they are that Microsoft didn’t have the heart to face the problem of reversing them. [6]

Anyway, as Nuno suggested, you may use credit memos, with the copy document function


if it is not possible in Italy to cancel posted invoices, how do you correct false entries? You use credit memos?

Yes, we do… or we use a developer license to physically erase the posts, but tell this to nobody! [:-*]

I solved my problems with the incorrect posted invoices by posting credit memos.

Thank you very much Nuno and Anna.