Invoice Button Disable in Purchase Order form

Dear all
Any one help me regarding the Vendor Invoice button disable in Purchase Order form.

· We create a PO & also received the goods now the PO status is Received but when I will try to generate Invoice, the Invoice button is disable & pending Invoice button is enable so I went AP>>Common>>Vendor Invoices>>pending vendor invoice>> I Deleted Pending Invoice for PO#206.

I did the following things

· Delete Pending Invoice through AP>>Common>>Vendor Invoices>>pending vendor invoice>>

· Reset usage data from tools>>usage data>>reset

· Restart Dynamics.

· Run Consistency Check & system gave the below warring/error message

“Pending or posted invoices exist for purchase order PO-206/2012. Changing the currency or the vendor is not allowed.”
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For the concerned PO invoice, check the record in VendInvoiceInfoTable. Sometime it happens that the invoice is created and not properly saved and thus a record is created in the table with status waiting.

In your case, if the status is waiting, then change it to error executed or delete the record from the table.

Invoice button will be enabled again.


Thanks Pranav

I deleted the record from VendInvoiceInfoTable & Invoice button is enabled.

Thank again for your Prompt & perfect reply…

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Deleting the records from the table is not a good approach(especially from an end user prospective), i cannot reproduce this issue.

Please provide the steps to reproduce it?

Dear Kranthi

You are absolutely right but I think this is Bug, I will check another workaround.

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Dear Kranthi

found another solution:

Accounts Payable → Inquiries → History → Invoices

find out the PO number . you will get waiting status. then delete the line.

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Hi Quote,

Can u pls check stopped option vendor master, if invoice is there it means doing invoice for that vendor is blocked


Hi Everyone!

I encountered this kind of error too.

But in my case, i can not create new PO, because the error comes when i select vendor account.

I have deleted history of matching detailed from :

Accounts Payable → Inquiries → History → Invoices

I also have deleted pending invoice.

I have checked the table VendInvoiceInfoTable. There was no PO Id which generated error.

If it’s bug, does anyone has KB number for the solutions?


Sorry about my questions before, my problem is trigger from PO numbering sequence have a status list.

Sometime, numbering sequence have status lists, and i need check and delete it manually.

Hmm… X__X

i have the same problem but i do not have records in case is order is fully invoiced but we forget tot confirm it. how do i generate the Purchase order confirmation

Hi Pranav…

In My Case about this Issue… I am also facing this issue… but here after confirmation of the PO… Still the Invoice Button is in the Disable Mode… and this item is a service item…