invoice before recipt

Can Any one suggest how to post a Invoice of a purchase order before posting the purchasae recipt

Nope, how can you do that anyway? Even in real life it’s impossible. The only solution is a proforma invoice. No shipment of goods, no invoice of goods. Sorry, that’s life.

Advice: Do not - repeat: NOT - mess up the standard posting routine for purchases unless you know exactly what you are doing; there is probably more in it than you think! Tip: You can post the invoice-amount itself via a Ledger Journal; before you post the purchase you have to zero out the first post, again via a Ledger Journal. Btw, strange request…

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… Btw, strange request…

No, it is not so strange as it seems [:)]. Just imagine: You buy a large amount of goods with one invoice (e.g. for a year) without a delivery - only to get better prices. The incoming deliveries are divided into monthly deliveries (without an invoice). We have to manage such cases - we use the location feature. @Jagan: Is it really necessary to post the invoice? What is the reason? bye André


Originally posted by Andre DDB We have to manage such cases - we use the location feature.

Exactly what I said. No shipment, no invoice. With paying the yearly bill you are the owner of all the goods, even if they are not produced. They are (virtually) in the 2nd (or whatever) location.

What about posting an invoice for the Full Amount to a G/L account. Then when you receive goods, post the value of the goods and offset the amount against the same G/L account, so the net value of the receiving invoice is 0. In effect, your G/L account becomes an accrual account for goods not yet received.

As far as I can remember a related post stated that invoicing goods without receiving the goods is actually in contradiction to IAS (Internation accouting standards), and Navision does have this restriction in order to be compliant with these regulations. Besides the “external location”, I would suggest registering the initial invoice as a prepayment and then applying the following receipts and invoices against this prepayment. This will assure that your stock is valued correctly in every moment throughout the year, you could use a blanket PO and then releasing the partial receipts/invoices. Saludos Nils

Hi, Yep, thats right, to Invoice a PO without actually receiving the goods is not logical. However one of the work arounds is to post the PO as “Received” and “Invoiced” into a fictitious location called “Intrasit”. When subsequently the goods are received to post an “Item Transfer Journal” from “Intransit” location to the actual “Warehouse” location.

The second (or whatever) warehouse is a working, logical solution. However, compared with the IAS it’s not correct anyway. Because you do not have physical inventory (only virtual). You have a stock value in GL posting the goods to a virtual location. But there is NO stock value. Count the goods in the virtual location. Do you count anything? Waht you have is a (pre-) payment to your vendor. And you should show it in the balance like this.

Create one invoice when you receive invoice (good not received). Post invoice in this G/l Account (4090001 in spanish g/l). 12.000 € When you receive goods, post other invoice (1000 € per month) with other line at 4090001 (-1000). Total invoice 0. 4090001 show goods paied not received. When you receive goods, you reduce amount paied not received Best regads from BCN.

Thnax Rohith Kamath It Works fine…