Invoice appear additioanl line to round amount

I tried to post an invoice, I only add one line for G/L Account 4130121 Service (2564.80 Australian Dollars) but when I print the Test report , appear an additional line with the GL Account 4295211 with (0.20 Australian Dollars), I think because is to round the total amount to: 2565.00

How can I do to eliminate this additional line, is only appear when I print my Test Report.

Why do you need this?

If you need it from all places then simply you can remove Invoice Rounding tick from Sales & Receivables setup…

if you need it only from report then you have to modify CU 80 (check where RoundingLineInserted boolean is set to TRUE)

Make sure that you have to differentiate that you are calling from report…

This is standard because whenever you set Invoice Rounding then whaterver rounding differeence will be posted in the rounding account and that will be created as line.

This is required for matching the transactions when posting to ledgers (i.e Debit Amount and Credit Amount)

Hi thanks for the help, in the end I found the mistake, I had to go to Financial Management > Set up > General > Currencies, select the australian dollar, go to Currency Card and in the TAB (Rounding) the option Invoice Rounding Precision I have to change 1.0 for 0.01

thanks for the ideas :slight_smile: