Invoice and Packing Slip Connecting Tables in AX 2009

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently creating an Invoice Report wherein I have to link vendinvoicejour and vendpackingslipjour. I need to show the PackingSlip IDs applied per Invoice.

Can anyone give me a specific table or link between the 2 tables or a link between related tables? It will be of great help.

Thank you so much.

Please do not make it too technical since i’m not a developer, I’m a functional consultant.




The following fields are common between VendInvoiceJour and VendPackingSlipJour -

  1. PurchId
  2. OrderAccount
  3. InvoiceAccount
  4. Qty
  5. Volume & Weight
  6. Dimension
  7. Delivery related (Delivery term, delivery mode)

Obviously there could be one to many relationships between these tables. For example one invoice may have been posted for multiple packing slips. Therefore your report must take this into consideration.

Hope the above info helps in designing your report.