Invoice Age report

I need to build a report, but I am unable to understand what tables some information comes from I generally use ssrs for my reporting, but I would like to understand how I can produce a report like this inside NAV.
When I open the Posted Invoice Form under financial management from the navigation on the left I can find all the fields I am needing. (I am unable to find this form in the object designer)

Is there some way to use this form to create a report, since all the numbers are already displayed in this form?
This report will be an invoice aging report that have not been paid 0-30, 31-60,61-90, over 90 days
The fields required from posted sales invoice:
Sell-to Customer No.
Sell-to Customer Name
Document date
If I am on the record I click invoice, then invoice statistics
Total Incl Tax or (Balance due)
0-30, 31-60, 61-90, over 90 days date diff. from posting date → current date

Have you looked at the existing Aged Accounts Receivable Report, under Financial Management → Receivables → Reports?

No, you cannot use a form for a report, but as form and report are both based on tables you can use the table 112 and there you have access to the fields required.

Yes I have seen that report, they want to add the document date and see detailed information like so, it seems that that report combines this data in to one total line… what are my db triggers for this population set? is there an unpaid 1 or 0 field

Customer No. Name Aging Date (Doc Date) Description Balance Due Current 31 - 60 Days 61 - 90 Days Over 90 Days
C00012 Angle Energy Inc. 6/2/2011 Invoice SI006637 xxxx xxxx - -
C00012 Angle Energy Inc. 6/23/2011 Invoice SI006803 xxxxx xxxxx - - -
C00012 Angle Energy Inc. 6/27/2011 Invoice SI006796 xxxxxxx xxxxxxx - - -
Angle Energy Inc. Total xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx

See Options Tab of the report & Select “Print Detail”

YESSS SIR! Thanks so much , i was looking on the back end , writing a tsql report but it looks like all i needed to do is click a button