Invoice a particular SO

Hi All, I have to invoice a particular SO, but it is showing the below error.

Any Suggestions.

Thank you

Hi Rakesh,

Go to GL > Set up > Periods> have to set date 10/02/2014 to open.

and also need to credit the amount by using payment journal of Account Receivable .



Just delete the voucher and recreate. AX is using the Voucher number has already been used

Also define Financial dimension Work Center on Lines as last line of error is related to this.

Hi Nagaraj, Thank u for ur reply.

I have checked the periods, there is no period with that date.



Hi Sachin, Thank u for ur reply.

When I checked for the Voucher it is not available in the LedgerTrans Table.

Is this the table where I have to check?

Thank you