Invioce lines with no value

We still new with Nav and we have experianced some operators forgeting to add a cost and selling price when processing orders. Customer gets free goods…it seems.

Is there a way Nav can trap invoice with zero value? Ideally we’ed like to run a report at month end to list all such invoices. We have 6 companies and we’d want to do this for all six. Thanks if anybody can help. Andy

You really do not want to be altering the cost on the sales line - what are you trying to achieve? The system will recalculate the margin when the cost update is run, the figures on the sales order should not be used for reporting/commission it will be misleading.

What is wrong with using any standard sales detail report and adding a filter where Unit Price = Zero. You would have to do this in each company, or modify the report to be across all companies.

Hello Adam,

There many occasion (yes I realise the operators are to blame) when wrong prices are entered thus giving us a very small profit ot in fact a loss. Customers wont call and say you have under charged me. I want to trap orders were GP is < than x and send this to the department manager so he can re-train or discipline the guilty operators.

The report you refer to may help what # is this report. Can you recommend the best report to use as we are all very new to Nav. I don’t mind running the report on each company.


I would recommend a modification where you cannot ship the order with a margin outside of given parameters - depends upon your costing method etc, but relatively simple from the times I have done something similar in the past (I was not the developer though).

If you have already realised a loss then it is a bit late, and there are no real reports, the customer item sales report in the sales section (depends upon your version) will give you profitability, it depends what you want to see. The customer order details gives you similar information but on orders.

One of NAV’s strengths is the ability to easily tailor the system, I suggest you spend some time looking at business critical areas and get the work undertaken that will save you serious money in the long run.

Thanks Adam.

I guess what we need is a UK based Nav Freelancer expert with good finacial / accountancy skills to work with us for a while to help sorts out the many start up problems we are experiamcing and help with some reports and traning. We all feel the traning we received from our partner was not sufficent and we struggling a bit…However, we did have to rush the install due to the stability of our old system which didn’t help either. Thanks again and well try to get the modification you suggest in hand. Andy

Hi Andy

Your partner should be exactly what it says - a partner. You may have needed to rush the implementation, and as a result you will have lots of issues, hopefully none business critical or that cannot be changed. If you cannot have a working relationship with them then find a new one. They are presumably supporting you, they were aware of the need of speed when they took the sale and should have been aware of all of the consequences of taking the sale - so they should be prepared to help you.

There are quite a few freelancers around, but do not expect them to be experts in all areas

I do know someone with accountancy and finance skills in NAV, although a different version, if you send me an email I can always forward it. I also know a developer I could forward your details onto if you wish.

Thanks Adam that would be really helpful! . What e-mail address should I send my e-mail to? Wasn’t sure if I should post it here…


Hi Andy,

I am a freelance developer. I don’t have an accoutancy skills as i never worked as an accountant but i have worked alot with accountants and finance managers. on Dynamics Nav. From Dynamics Nav prespective i know how the business works so i can work on any business requirements with accountants or finance managers. I have stronger development skills as well. Please you can contact me.

Hi Andy

Against my profile you have the option to send me an email.

However Imran was my thought on the developer, and he has fortunately replied! You can use the same option to email him directly.

Thanks alot Steve.