InventTransOrigin for upgraded posted Transfer Journals. AX4 to 2012 R3

When I create a Transfer Journal in AX 2012, 2 lines are created in InventTransOrigin Table, one for reception and one for sending.

However, posted Transfer Journals that come from AX4 only have one line in the InventTransOrigin after Data Upgrade process.

The upgraded “not posted” Transfer Journals are correct, and have 2 linea in InventTransOrigin.

I think the source of this behaviour is the ReleaseUpdateDB41_Invent.updateInventJournalTrans method, where new numbersequence for InventTransID are created only for “not posted” Transfer Journals.

while select forupdate inventJournalTrans
where inventJournalTrans.JournalType == InventJournalType::Transfer
&& inventJournalTrans.ToInventTransId == inventJournalTrans.InventTransId
exists join inventJournalTable
where inventJournalTable.JournalId == inventJournalTrans.JournalId
&& inventJournalTable.Posted == NoYes::No
if (!numberSeq)
numberSeq = NumberSeq::newGetNum(InventParameters::numRefInventTransId());

inventJournalTrans.ToInventTransId = numberSeq.num();

Why is it designed like this???