InventSumDateTable and InventSumDateTrans

Hi everyone,

Please suggest me for the following queries. There are more than 6 million records in inventsumdatetrans table.

  1. Is it safe to delete it?

  2. Will it have any impact on any other table when deleted?

  3. How could these many records stored here and at what time?

this table is used by inventory onhand reports.

The system will automatically deletes the data fro these tables after the report print or after inserting into a relevant tmp table



Logically, deleting them should not cause any issues (if it is a production environment take a backup and test and reports)

Hi Kranthi,

Thank you very much. Could you say why there is 6 million records are available in inventsumdatetrans table? What stopped deleting it?

You should probably debug and see why it is not triggering the mentioned methods…

Hi Kranthi,

Thank you. When I did debugging, all the records created were deleted successfully.

Hi Kranthi,

The InventSumDateEngine Class do not get the item that has no on-hand.

However I still want to insert this item into this report in case the Item has Order qty.

Do you have any suggestion?

Thanks & Regards,

Anh Mai