InventSum(Table) should not effect the item levels while creating a Temp SO...?

Hi Folks,

I have been asked to customize the DAX code to stop updates / inserts when ever we create a temp Sales Order.

How can we create a Sales Order without effecting the Item Levels in InventSum (Table).

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I would use coding as the very last resort; you have few other things to consider before. First of all, look at journal sales orders (About sales order types). Or maybe you just want to stop automatic stock reservations.

Hi Martin,

Thank you for the reply, in my case our websites are creating temp sales orders and DAX is deleting that temp order and will create a new Sales order based on that temp order. But the temp order even its gets deleted from DAX , it is effecting the Item levels while creation time. Now I want to make sure that temp order should not effect the item levels.

And also can you please let me know how we can stop automatic resevervation / Item quantity allocation for those temp orders.



Where these temp sales orders stored, do you staging tables or directly inserted into the sales table.

It wont stop InventSum update in your case.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for the reply, All the temp orders are directly stored into Sales table and Sales line there are no staging tables.



Then take the order type as journal(as already said). This will not create any inventory transaction, therefore no update to the inventSum.

Hi Kranti,

Thank you for the reply and thats a good plan to fix my issue. Do you know if I cancel that temp order will all the inventory levels be set back to its original means if I cancel that temp sales order that process will add the deducted qty to InventSum table and all inventory levels…?