InventSum Results showing incorrectly

Hi All,

I got different values with the inventsum table and InventOnHand Class… Please refer the below screenshot…

Please tell me if I am missing anything…

What do you see on the inventory onhand form?

Try calling parmUseInventSumDirectly(true) method and what result it gives?

I think for warehouse management items the class uses a different logic. Try debugging.

I am getting the error like…

Error in posting “2.00 cannot be picked because only 1.00 is/are available from the inventory”

But In onhand form and InvnetSum table, the Available Physical is 2.0.

I have debugged and found the qty value -2 and the physicalavailable is 1 in

Please suggest.?.

I am validating the movement journal using code. while validating I got the error(Previous reply)…Please tell where I have to use “parmUseInventSumDirectly(true)”.

To check the values I created the job which is shown in the question?

Please suggest?

Have you checked the inventory transactions related to that InventSum/ on hand? Do they match?

Are you asking the Transactions in Onhand form…? I

I mean inventory transactions related to that invent sum. (select any record on onhand invenory form and click on inventory inventory transactions). Sometimes in case of any data issue, your invent trans may not tally with the inventSum. In that case you may have to recalculate the inventSum. So compare the inventory transaction and the inventSum (on hand)