INVENTSERIALID Maximum character


It is possible to exceed to 20 character the InventserialID? please advice

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Ax 2012 - Inventserielid str size is 20 only.

This property is extended from InventBatchSerialId edt.

If you want to increase more than 20 str size you have to change it in InventBatchSerialId(Parent Edt).

When you try to to save the changes u made system will syncronize the Datadictionary.After Syncronization you changes will be reflected all places.


You can create a new extended dataType, you can see that inventSerialId extends inventBatchSerialId type, you can create a new extended dataType, in the extends property set inventBatchSerialId and modify the stringsize property to the value you want



Hi, InventSerialID is of 20 characters already. You can increase the characters by changing the string size in EDT unless it s been inherited by other EDT. If it is inherited, then you will have to increase the size of base EDT to reflect.

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Thanks for the reply, my apology for not completing my question actually we did this already in InventBatchSerialId edt and after completing the synchronization we have encounter problem in reporting in product receipt the serial code are not appear? so that the reason why we stick in 20 char edt, other error occur are having a problem in join table almost tmptable are having error. Do I need to change also the char of all affected table? please advice thanks.

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