Inventory with zero quantity and positive value

Hi everyone!

I have issues in AX in inventory module. I recently did an inventory closing. After this process a few items appeared on my inventory reports, which were not on the report before the closing. If I run inventory by dimension report, I have these items in several locations. Here is an example for one of the items (report of both types):

Item A (inventory by dimension report):

Location code Quantity Value

LocA 1600.58

LocB 0.01

LocC 0.00

Total 1600.60

Item A (inventory value per item group report):

Item Quantity Value

Item A 1600.60

I need to adjust the value, so that this value is “0” and the item disappears from both reports. In order to do that, I do the next: Inventory → Periodic → Closing and Adjustment → Adjustment → Transactions, Thus, I adjust one of the transactions by 1600.60 (same value as I have on my inventory value per item group report). However, after I do this adjustment and run the report, I see the next:

Item Quantity Value

Item A -0.00

Thus, I conclude that value is not simply “0.00”, but has it more numbers after 2 decimals (ex. 0.00xxxx0)

Does anyone know how to find the exact value of the item up to exact number of the last decimal? So, I can use this exact number to adjust my item. Or may be there is another way of adjusting this item, so it goes away from the report?

Thanks in advance!

The problem is solved. Thank you!


What solution you find?