inventory with lotnumbers


I have a question about using lotnumbers in inventory.

Here in this exemple in the consumption journal i see LOT n L1 with a total quantity of 100

However i booked already via the consumption journal a few lines earlier with that particular Lot L1 see the item ledger

in the lotnr information card i see the correct quantity for that lot

is there another way to consult the stock by lot or is there an option to visualise otherwise the total quantity in the lotnr list ?


If this is the complete list of item ledger entries in the system, this is a very strange picture. Lot list shows 100 as available quantity absolutely correctly, becauase that’s the remaining quantity in the single inbound entry. Consumption entries are not applied to this purchase. But they are applied to something, since there is no remaining quantity in consumptions (and consumtion cannot produce negative stock, anyway).

How were these consumption entries posted?


these consumptions are posted with the function finished production orders. there for the BOM the lot is chosen


I’m not sure I quite understand how the entries were posted. What is “Finished production orders function”? Consumption can be flushed automatically when the order is refreshed, when it’s finished, or posted manually via Production Journal from the order card, or in a separate Consumption Journal. Which method was used?

How were lot numbers assigned - in journal lines, or in component lines of the production order?

And there is one more thing to check. Can you open Application Worksheet, select one of these consumption entries, and look which entry it is applied to?