Inventory value zero


The scenario is as followed:

On Item card table, I made

(1) Cost is posted to G/L - Editable > Yes & FieldClass > Normal

(2) Cost is adjusted - Editable > Yes

Reason: I want to create an item which does not affect inventory. For instance, purchase of stationery will affect only the vendor and stationery account while posting a purchase order BUT at the same time, I can keep track of the movement of my stationery from the item card.

The problem is :

I can create a purchase order and post it successfully but when I use item journal to issue the item as negative adjustment, I get the following error:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

There is no Value Entry within the filter.

Filters: Item Ledger Entry No.: 3


Normally, when i created the item, Cost is posted to GL and Cost is adjusted is unticked and Inventory value zero is ticked. In the General product posting group, I have linked the stationery account.

I tried to change the Costing method from FIFO to Standard, I could issue and Item but could not create a purchase order.

Please advice.

Thank you

Those are “system controlled” fields and should remain “non-editable”. Changing them is not the solution to your problem.

If you want an item that “doesn’t affect inventory”, you are going about it totally wrong. As babrown said, making those fields editable is not the way to fix the issue.

An item, by definition, is inventory. You can purchase to a G/L Account if you don’t want an item ledger entry. Or even a Fixed Asset. If you don’t want anyone to think it is for sale, you could still use an item, and create a new location code and inventory posting groups.

Agree with the other guys - don’t change that editable-property.

[:D] But - there is a field in table 27 (Item): “Inventory Value Zero” (field 5409). The field is not visible on the Item-form (wonder why…[:^)]).

This is standard NAV, and I think the solutuion for your demands is to put a check-mark into this field for those items, that shall not ffect the G/L. [Y]

Actually, I have used the field Inventory Value zero. It works fine when creating a purchase order. Since the item is not for sale, I need to issue it via an item journal. When I am doing a negative adjustment via item journal, I am getting the error stated above :frowning: