Inventory Value report

Dear Friends.

I am getting one error while running Inventory Value Report in ax 2009 in Inventory module.

Below error:

Error executing code: xRecord (object), method data called with invalid parameters.


(S)\Classes\InventValueReportPopulateItem\buildTransactionsWithDynamicQuery - line 202

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportPopulateResource\run - line 16

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportInit\createItemTasks - line 62

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportInit\createTasks - line 88

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportHelper\run - line 56

(S)\Classes\InventValueReportHelper\main - line 8


It seems these classes have compilation error but there is no such compilation issue in these classes.

Please guide


Have you try to compile again all the classes that you need?


Yes but no errors…

Any Luck?