Inventory value differences when conversion

Hi all, I have a basic problem. I just upgraded one of our clients from Navision 2.00 to Attain 3.10. The conversion went well until I came across an error in CodeUnit 104048 that Navision couldn’t find a itemledger entry. I double checked my Navision 2.00 database and indeed, a number of ItemLedgerEntries were missing in their current database. I made a fix in one of the conversion codeunits to fix direct read on ItemLedgerEntry what gave this error message and I could continue. After the complete conversion was done, I compared both databases (2.00 and attain 3.10) and everything looked ok, except when I was running Report 10139 (Inventory valuation). According to this report some items had different quantities on hand and different inventory values then in Navision 2.00. When I double checked the quantities on hand on the Item card, they were both the same in both databases. Could this issue be related to data-compression? I heard from Navision Atlanta that Navision 2.00 had problems with that, but they couldnt tell me if that was related to my problem. Any suggestions??