Inventory Valuation

We have only been using Attain for about 6 months … I am wanting a report that shows the value and quantity on hand for each item in each inventory posting group as at a particular date. Is there a choice to have just the totals for each posting group so that I can get it it on less than 200 pages! Does Attain have such reports - is it real easy to write one?? Thank You abee[:)]

Hi I think due to the structure of the ledger entries (depending upon the version) this is difficult to achieve by date. Additionally you need to be aware of the cost movements and what is being shown. Once the date processing and costing issues are resolved - grouping it by Inventory Posting Group should be a doddle!! [:D] I would suggest you post this in the developer forum.

in additions to Steven’s comments… If you need the true posted cost by date, then you need at least version 3.60. You can get a very “close” value in version 3.01 or 3.10, the only problem being that adjustments made to purchase cost after printing the report may not reflect correctly, and average cost reporting will be not what you expect. In terms of “is it easy”, no in this case it is not, you will need someone experienced with Navision’s costing methods to create this report. It does not matter wheather the report is written in Navision’s report designer, Crystal, Access, Jet Reports or what ever, you still need a very comprehensive understanding of Navision’s costing.