Inventory Valuation - WIP report with Status Finished.

Dear All,

Good day!

I ran the Inventory Valuation - WIP report with the status Finished.

then the repport appear all the related production order which the status is finished.

I notice that there is a column with Cost Posted to G/L, it appear a lot row had zero, and few row have figure in it.

so normally should this column be zero? or i need to do something to make it become zero?

by the way I already ran the Adjust Cost - Item Entries and Post inventory Cost to G/L.

Please assist me on this.

Thank you Very much


I too have the same problem. Can anyone please guide why these values are seen?

Check the value entry table whehther field Cost posted to G/L is updated or not ?

If not then After cost batch job You need to Run Post Inventory Cost to G/L .While running this job you need to do following

7242.04-09-2013 3-37-58 PM.png

Thanks Amol… However even after following the steps suggested by you, I am facing the same problem.

Is it possible for you to explain the flow of transactions when the Inventory Valuation Report is run. I’m sorry but I absolutely don’t have any clue related to this. I tried using the help, but could not understand it completely.

Thanks in advance [:)]