Inventory Valuation WIP (Report 5802) Dynamics NAV 2016

Hi Folks -

One of our customer runs the Inventory cost WIP report since the snapshot is not clear I am typing in the output values of the report.

Status No. Description Source type Source No. Consumption Capacity Output Cost Posted to G/L

Finished REL31515 Bands Item 2200-01 1,177.05 69.09 -2,804.89 -1,558.75

User made a mistake and finished the production order and the Cost posted to G/L instead of being 0 shows a -1,558.75. I ran the Post inventory cost to G/L report. Also ran the Adjust. cost item entries report and no luck.

Can someone help me out here the steps to correct this entry and get the Cost posted to G/L to show 0.

Any help is highly appreciated please !!!