Inventory Valuation using Average Cost in NAV 4.0

I’m new to the board, but I’d appreciate some help. We are going to upgrade from 2.6 to 4.0 this weekend. My last issue to resolve has stumped our outside consultants. We use the Average Cost method. Our historical database was brought into a test environment of 4.0. Thi Inventory Valuation report displays some items with zero quantity, and negative value. I thought this was impossible? The total inventory value does not match the G/L, either. I’m guessing that this is because some transactions are being posted at average cost, while others are being posted at unit cost. Can anyone confirm? I understand that the Post Inventory Cost to G/L barch job is used to clear this up, but it only picks up entries that have been applied. The procedure doesn’t seem to go back and adjust entries that had no fixed application, but were still based on unadjusted unit cost. Any help is appreciated. Jim

Average cost in 2.60 and 4.00 are two totally differnt things, and your NSC MUST know this. If you have average cost issues, yoou need to resolve these in your existing 2.60 database, since fixing them in 4.00 is a big job. Fundamanetally 2.60 tracks average cost through a field int he item card, in 4.00 it is calculated from the value entries on the fly. Whe you say 0 qty. neg value, are you running a date filtered inventory valuation, if so then this is normal. If the actual value is negativ with zero value, then it coul dbe a problem in your olf 2.60 data, and should be fixed. The routin to Post Inventory To G/L will post inventory differneces that are notyet posted, but if there is an inventory valuation error, it will not fix that.