Inventory Valuation Report

Accounting said to our Partner

Please be advised that we are having problems running the Inventory Valuation Report.

In the past we have been able to issue this report in a single run for our entire inventory until April 2015.

At that point in time we had to break the report down into multiple sections and then add the values together to be certain that the report total matched the general ledger.

We are experiencing the same problem this morning. I had the entire staff log out of all programs, Navision, excel, word, the internet, email, etc. and then we tried running the report again to no avail. We are being forced to issue the report in segments. We have had this issue arises with the Inventory to GL reconcile report but not with the Inventory Valuation report.

Is there anything that we can do to issue a single report and avoid this problem?

Partner says

The suggestion from the research – and we have clients that currently do it – is to run the report via a Job Queue. So we tell the system to run the report on a timer…and it will run it on the server. We can do this daily, weekly, etc or on command. Since this will run on the Server and not a workstation – then it should not have an issue.

The information we saw stated that part of the issue is the RAM on the workstations – which should not be an issue on the server.

This writer took a look at the workstation and nav server:

The workstation HP Elite 8200 Windows 7 Pro-Navision 2013 is 20GB memory.

The Navision server is 16GB memory

Any comments would be appreciated, thanks!

Start with some basics:

  1. What NAV version? (RTC or Classic if a new version)

  2. How large is DB?

  3. Are you breaking up the report because running the full report causes an error? Or just takes too long?

  4. The NAV client is only 32 bit. So all that extra memory just help hold down the computer.

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