Inventory Valuation Report

Hi to all,

Please be noted when I check the Inventory valuation report for the month of Feb’09 it shows some value in NEGATIVE in the column “COST POST TO G/L” column. (Report no. 1001).

After checking the Item it has been found that “Quantity” was added wrongly in the month’ of March09 & we invoiced that Item in Feb’09.

I would like to know why the system allowed me to invoice that Item in Feb’09 when the quantity of that Item in the month of Feb’09 was nil. It looks that system check the inventory of current date even if the stock is nil in previous month & we are preparing the invoice of previous month.

I would like to know some useful view to regarding the same.

In general the system does not care if the posting date is before the shipment date.

This can also be very useful in some situations.

The user must have changed the posting date for the invoice after the shipment has been posted.
The only chance you have now is that you credit the sale with the feb posting date and invoice again with march posting date.